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About me

From the very first moment I picked up a camera in 2017, I fell in love with photography.

From then on, I knew I wanted to learn more and give free rein to my creativity. I started small, with a small camera, a small light, a small space and small projects. Over time, I have had the pleasure of seeing these humble beginnings mature. Today, I am the proud owner of a fully equipped photography studio capable of providing all-inclusive experiences to my wonderful clients.

In 2021, I led a breastfeeding and breastfeeding stories project. I met around thirty women who allowed me to interview them and collect their milky stories, resulting in beautiful, striking portraits of intimacy and connection. This project, named Sincerely Woman, testifies to my infinite admiration for women and my commitment to their empowerment, a recurring theme in each of the portraits I create.

In 2023, I was honored to receive two awards, that of Self-Employed Worker and the Youth Scholarship, during the Excellence Gala of the Haut Richelieu Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since I started in photography, I have followed numerous training courses with today's greatest maternity photographers.

Learning and sharing this love of photography is an incredible wealth that I began to pass on through training and video capsules since 2022.

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