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Photography Training | Maternity | Newborn | Photoshop | Montreal | Quebec

Flori Studio: training workshop to learn how to photograph newborns and pregnant women in Montreal, Quebec and improve your skills in maternity and newborn photography on Photoshop.

Flori Studio: Training to capture the essence of maternity and newborn in Montreal

Flori Studio, led by the talented Floriane Laly, is a reference in maternity and newborn photography in Montreal. In addition to her expertise in photography, Floriane offers training workshops to help you capture these precious moments with sensitivity and professionalism.

Workshops for all levels

Whether you are a photography novice or a professional looking to perfect your techniques, Flori Studio offers workshops tailored to your needs.

Learn to photograph newborns and pregnant women

  • “Maternity and newborn” workshop: This complete workshop will allow you to master the technical and artistic aspects of maternity and newborn photography.

  • “Natural Light” Workshop: Learn how to use natural light to create soft, luminous images.

  • “Photoshop for maternity and newborn photography” workshop: Discover Photoshop tools and techniques to enhance your photos.

Training to improve your skills

  • “Advanced Photoshop Retouching” Workshop: Learn how to professionally retouch your photos.

  • “Marketing for Photographers” Workshop: Develop your marketing skills to promote your work and attract new clients.

Personalized and friendly learning

Flori Studio workshops are organized in small groups to guarantee personalized and friendly learning. Floriane shares her knowledge and experience with passion and enthusiasm.

Why choose Flori Studio for your training?

  • An expert and passionate trainer

  • Workshops suitable for all levels

  • Personalized and friendly learning

  • Small groups for optimal monitoring

  • Quality educational content

By participating in Flori Studio's workshops, you will acquire the skills and techniques necessary to capture the beauty and emotion of motherhood and newborn.


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Group Photoshop training - Maternity

🌟 I invite you to a 100% live Photoshop retouching training! 🖥️

Allow around 1h30 together.


Together we will retouch at least 2 portraits from start to finish, including 1 light-skinned model and 1 dark-skinned model, as well as a paper background and a canvas background.


🌷The tutorial will be very complete and precise, I will reveal to you how I obtain a high-end, shiny & luminous.

Here is an overview of the steps:

-  Bottom cleaning

-  Skin retouching with frequency separation
- Dodge & brown
- Levels and Curves
- Color correction
- Background textures

- Composition
- Plugins


You will be able to ask any questions you have as the training progresses, everything will be recorded and sent to you in a video format, so you can watch it as many times as you want.


Please note that you must have a good overall understanding of Photoshop, although each step will be detailed.

Training price: $500.00 + CAD taxes(appr. 269 euros)

Payment in installments available.



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